Cave Garvanitza

From the Krushuna village (Krushuna waterfalls), instead of continuing for the “Maarata” area, the signs for the village of Karpachevo are followed. From there to the cave are 3 km. Signs guide tourists to the area. The road from Krushuna village through Karpachevo to the cave is asphalt and is in very good condition.

Input co-ordinates: N 43 12 42,8 “; E 25 02 52.7 “; WGS 84.

The cave has a length of 275 meters and is one of the largest karst chasms in Bulgaria.
The cave was explored in 1966, and in 1980 there were stairs that allow tourists to reach it.

It enters a sturdy metal ladder where it descends to the bottom of the cave at a depth of about 50 meters.
The entrance to the cave is very steep and for people afraid of altitudes, its examination may be a problem.
On the way down is a small cave with beautiful rock formations.
The galleries of the cave are filled with clay and mud deposits borne by the rain-flowing waters that are lost underground to flow into the underground rivers.
A wooden fence is built around the impressive opening of the cave, which follows the outline along the edge of the abyss, and picnic areas with sheds, tables, benches and barbecue facilities.

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