Krushuna Waterfalls (Maarata)

It is the largest water travertine cascade with many thresholds, pools and rich plant and animal species.
The main waterfall descends from a height of 20 m. It is divided into several sleeves and creates several more waterfalls.
The water to the waterfall is damp and saturated with water drops.
The area is completely impassable. Without the stairs and the eco-path you can not reach the source of the waterfall.
It is hidden in the cave of the same name. There is a narrow path that runs below the limestone rock.
The first impression any visitor might have is that this place is like a film about some exotic island.
There are many eco-paths in the area that lead you to local attractions.

Krushuna waterfalls are declared a natural landmark in the DW. pc. 105/1995, for the purpose of preservation of characteristic geomorphological education, animals and vegetation with an area of ​​5.7 hectares.