Osam River

The Osam River is formed by the merger of Cherni and Beli Osam, and Cherni Osam was admitted to it. It collects its waters from the peak of Levski (Ambaritsa), in the southwestern part of the Troyan Balkan, and the locality of Ventsi. The Osam River flows northwards, crossing the northern slope of the Stara Planina and the Fore Balkan. In her middle and lower stream she loudly bows and makes great turns and eighths, from where she has her name. Its ancient name is Osmos. Under the “Devetashka Cave” a unique canyon is formed along the river. In the spring, river waters cause lovers of strong sensations. There the natural scenery offers ideal conditions for rafting. If you take a boat down the river, you will encounter water turtles, fish, fishermen and herons. The area is inhabited by specific flora and fauna, with representatives of several phytogeographic and zoogeographic zones. Here are rare and extinct species included in the Red Book of Bulgaria, endemic and relicts, as well as a wide variety of valuable medicinal plants. There are wild pigs, deer and deer crows. Predators predominate foxes, jackals, and less often wolves. The owl, the rocky white eagle, the big hawk, are still preserved.