Welcome to the “Old The House” in the village of Krushuna. We are located near to the mineral swimming pool and waterfalls. Here you will spend unforgettable days at the foot of the “Stara planina” mountains. We offer you a unique experience and rest close to the nature. There are the famous Krushuna waterfalls in the Maarata area. This is the most picturesque and impressive water-travertine cascade in the country. The village of Krushuna is 34 km away from the town of Lovech on Devetashko plateau.

    A relaxing holiday surrounded by tranquility and amazing nature. Relax under the old walnut enjoying the song of waterfalls and birds. Discover inspirational routes to Krushuna Waterfalls. Do not miss to visit the Devetashka cave, the Garvanitza cave, the Vranitsa abyss and the Urushka cave.
Come to us in the village of Krushuna!

The village of Krushuna – beautiful place in Bulgaria

   Not far from the town of Lovech, in east direktion is beautiful and picturesque village Krushuna. The kind of falcon, named Krushun, is gave the name of small mountain village Krushuna. It is located on the Devetashko plateau on the border on the Stara Planina and the Dunavska plain, as if landing on the last mountain heights with panorama of flowing to the nord Osm River.

  the village of Krushuna is attractive for many tourists, with the unique nature and beautiful places…

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One unrepeatable walk to Krushuna waterfall

    Virgin nature, pure and untouched from civilization – this is the place of Krushuna waterfalls. To reach the waterfalls, you will walk on beautiful old path with a lot of wood bridges. Around you, there is a dense vegetation that makes difficult to see even the sparkling Maarata River along which the path winding.

    Going inward into the mountains, suddenly your eyes reveal the incredible picture of the unique Krushuna waterfalls. A whole aquatic fairy tale of swings, pools, galleries, alternating as far as the view goes…

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Крушуна, THE OLD HOUSE, “Старата къща” в Крушуна до минералния басейн и водопадитеКрушуна, THE OLD HOUSE, “Старата къща” в Крушуна до минералния басейн и водопадитеКрушуна, THE OLD HOUSE, “Старата къща” в Крушуна до минералния басейн и водопадите